Sunday, July 13, 2008

They say that you should not pop the blister...

But I did anyways. Lesson not put grips on dry. Well, you can, but be careful. Fucksake, this hurts.

Corey took Mica and I to the Tri-Cities area yesterday. The main point of the trip was to go to Angry Penguin and do a little BMX shopping, which we did. That shop is totally amazing and stocked to the gills with rad stuff. Jake was nice as could be and I know that I will be going back.

The second part of the trip involved us riding the Kingsport Park. It was smaller than I remember and far less intimidating, that said, I rode like shit (the blister didn't help) and could not find a line in the bowl to save my life. Mostly I oozed sweat, drank water and watched the locals. I did take a few pics, but the blister was getting gross all over my camera, so I stopped after a bit.

Local table top ass shot!

Local crail tap! This guy was a shredder.

I will say this, the skaters up there are totally dialed. Super tight scene and the riders and skaters totally seem to mesh well. It did make me appreciate the park here, though. I am a spoiled bitch.

Speaking of the park...Biggs whipped it into the dirt.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There are only a handful of Icelandic people.

I just thought they would turn out in greater numbers to protest a dam that was being protested. Fucksake.

I forgot my friend Andrew's birthday. Sorry, Drewcifer. He's 33 now, just like me. This whole aging thing makes falling that much less of an option. I almost died at the park last night when I hung up. Somehow I pulled it out of my ass and rolled away. Jelly legs showed up, though.

Mica said some really complimentary things about me the other night. Basically had to do with my methods in child raising. I worried at times that I was too boring, or conservative or whatever. But she put it all in perspective for me and that was a breath of fresh air. She really is a good girlfriend. Even when she heats the pizza stone.

I guess I need (need is a loose term) some new riding shoes and I am considering these...

I have railed against vulcs for a while now, but shit, they are only 55 bucks. I say only, knowing full well that 55 dollars would actually go a long way for me. Whatever. You only die once.