Monday, March 16, 2009

It's just a headset.

On BMXboard I gushed a little over the new Odyssey headsets...

And I was met with ridicule. "It's only a headset."

Yes. It is. But fucksake, if you have been riding for more than 10 years, you know what this fucker is...

This was a regular item in many a toolbox for BMX kids. Channel locks. To keep that Tioga beartrap headset tight. We've come a long way, baby. Bikes are tight as a drum (exception being John's which sounds like it has 40 weight ball bearings in the top and down tubes) and easy as all hell to work on. People just don't know how good they have it.

Last Monday was the O's birthday. Ten years old and he barely looks a day over nine. Happy birthday Ocean.
Here he is probably wishing that I would shut up about the lights.

Kids on the counter. It seems to be a popular place to sit these days...

More later on. This week is gonna be nuts, I think.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

BMX bucket listing...

I have one. A list of things that I want to do before my time in BMX is done. I have crossed off a few (Ride 9th St. and T1, learn 360's) and this weekend I got to cross one more off the tablet...get through a six pack. Mind you I have never really jumped real doubles before. I have hit dinky little nubbin doubles and shitty rollers before, but nothing real. I got through the sixer this past Saturday and was really stoked. It's like riding a rollercoaster and the thrill of dirt dwarfs riding park big time. I can't wait to go back.

It was really awesome to get out and take a picture of something other than the park. First up is the other Corey that was riding with us at Bigfoot.

Ginger Jon had his balls rocking and cocking and flowed out an x-up over the last set.

Tim showed me the way to to wallride. I had to chase him a little, but it worked out.

Finally, Johnny C. might sound like a bag of wrenches when he goes over the jumps, but this t-bog is stretched so nice that I forgave his noise...

Enjoy the bed, John.

C-Mac, put some brakes on and let's get awesome.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

No news is good news? Nah. There is always something to bitch about.

I've been gone a while. Been pretty busy with work and school and sick children and a girlfriend that can't keep her hands off my impressively hot body. I made up one part of that. See if you can figure out which. Winner gets jackshit!

The truck is still leaking the oil, which may or may not get fixed today. The weather is warmer, I am officially on spring break from school (which is a weird thing to type for a 33 year old man) and I have a raging jealousy for something that my friend Corey has.

I got called this morning from work about a phone system in Knoxville that reset itself. I panicked for a second, then asked which location...turns out it wasn't a critical one, so I verified some stuff and went back to my attempt at sleeping.

Then I decided to make a blog. I have some pics that have been accumulating in my camera, so I uploaded and here we go...

Garrett loves looking at this Sun ornament that Anna brought home for Mica. He is very careful with it, which is funny because he goes Fight Club on just about everything else in the house.

Anna posed the shit out of this. She has a future in things like this, I am afraid. She was all, "do you want me to look sad? I can look sad."

Pictures from the park the other night, which was the longest I have ridden at the park this shit filled winter. Adam gets styleeeeeeee over the spine, Dave loses his head and his hands and Jon smiths up a ledge...

Finally, I love BKFBM for sending me these stickers. Brien, if you make it to Knoxville this summer, you are welcome to sleep in my tub.

Let's ride some dirt today.