Friday, February 20, 2015

A thing I like.

This picture.
I am not doing a trick. I am winding up for a run at the hip in the bowl. This was in 2008, after I had taken my first trip to Austin and saw in person what was possible if only I could stop being a baby boy. The park got built in Knoxville and I finally made myself drop in on something with transition. It took a minute, but getting past that got my foot in the door. Figure-eight carves in the bowl while I got comfortable came next, followed later on by my friend Brien explaining that it doesn't count if you pedal in the bowl (PUMP. PUMP. PUMP.), but this...this was me beginning to figure it out at the age of 33...some six years ago. I was a late, LAAAAAATE bloomer, but I still have fun on my bike. I'll be 40 sooner rather than later, but this picture is a nice reminder that I have come a long way later in life than most who ride a BMX.

I still have fun.