Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not long now and I get 10% off for being not young.

Sunday we had an old man session at the park. Sunday morning. Because that is what old people do...they get up on a Sunday morning before other people with cool and interesting lives do. Scotty put it best when he said that soon we'd be meeting at Hardee's for breakfast when we're too old to ride. Can't wait. The thing about blogging with Picasa is that I have no idea what order these pictures are in...I think the first one is of Scotty doing a big ass table over the wedge hip, but really I don't know. It's a crap shoot. There should be a picture of Mr. Cherry manualing, and I think a two shot of Andrew and Scotty...yes...

Then there is a picture of Garrett and Anna...the two mini-humans who qualify me for old man status. It was pretty rad to be riding with other dads, really. I can relate to that. I can't relate most of the time to sub 21 dudes and their proclivity for being retards. But I try.

Time for work.




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Saturday, August 14, 2010

In search of beans and toast...

I had the notion to eat some beans and toast, but with proper English baked beans...not the sweet stuff we have here in the states. So now I am on a mission to find a can of the Heinz beans that our friends over in the UK enjoy. I'll let you know how that pans out.

I made a video edit today which sucks, but I wanted to do something productive...

August Boredom Edit from DixieBMX on Vimeo.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The biggest blog post ever.

Yeah. I have a serious amount of pictures I wanna share. The trip was fun, maddening, delicious, hot, refreshing, full of Mexican minerals, rain soaked, and over all totally worth it.

Anna and Lauren hanging out on day one...

Some boy antics...

Fliphappy Crepes as seen on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay". Delicious. Amazingly so.

More crepes and the family enjoying them. Except for Phoenix. He didn't want one.

Anna chilling. Aunt Amy send that necklace back!

Lauren enjoyed it, I think...

Pho and his Mama.

Mica and I had a date night. We went to Shakespeare's and did not see a single Austin pro. Or Brooke Destroys.

Yours truly enjoying a pint...

I rode the Empire bowl on 2 different occasions. By myself. It was awesome, but riding solo can get lonely. Also, 120 degrees in there. No shit.

Later that night we went to Homeslice, home of the best pizza I have ever had.

Garrett, if nothing else, loves pizza. Totally.

Friday was the last full day in the ATX. We crammed as much as we could into that day. Started at 9th St...

It had rained a lot, so most of the jumps were out of order, but Ocean got to charge the table top sixpack...

Phoenix mean muggin' at the jumps.

Ocean looking P-R-O.

Some of the brood...

After 9th, we hit up Barton Springs to swim. Then off to Daily Juice for some smoothies, Empire for goodbyes (and so Tina could meet Anna) then...T1. Boom.

Garrett made fast friends with Joe. He had him watching every trick he tried. Joe has a new fan. Oh yeah! Also, Garrett declared the ramp as "beast".

The Ultimate Male blasting the ramp. He hadn't ridden in a while because of some elbow tendonitis, but still rules and deserves our tribute. All hail T1!

Ocean got some new pedals and Joe put them on for him. Nice!

Me after I jumped the spine (no pics, because I just went for it and made it!) and right before the kids broke down.

Anna, lurking. Lurker.

Before I left, I asked Joe if I could get a pic with him. He was down with it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

There and back again...

I have a lot of pics I wanna share, but I am also a selfish prick who wanted to get some of this stuff up quickly. The ATX excursion was rough in some ways, mostly because of the weather. We still had a good time, I became addicted to Topo Chico water, I rode the Empire bowl by myself a few times, was remembered by Owen, ate at Rudy's, swam in Barton Springs, watched my nephew give everyone the goat, had my sister make snickerdoodles only to have me forget them and then I rode T1 with Joe Rich. That was quite the banger ending, really. I have some thoughts about this that I would like to explore later, but just know that Joe is a welcoming, warm and genuine person. Terrible One for life, man.




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