Monday, March 31, 2008

Fate is a cruel mistress.

So, I make a new friend to ride with at the park and hard cider and a scooter take him from me. Fucking hell. Get well soon Nate. Get well...

Tonight I sat and watched the new Odyssey video. It's very awesome, but I am not sure if it is a "pop it in and get pumped to ride" video. "Chill Bro" is one of those videos. The Odyssey vid is more of a production...I dunno. It's like you are watching something more substantial than just a BMX video, which is both awesome and distracting. I need to see it again, I think.

Went to the park and saw old skating buddy Jamie Smith. He is P R O and was more than happy to do a few for me while I got the lighting dialed.

Then I asked Z-Biggy to get awesome. He replied with a tweaked as fuck footplant over the spine. He's too good at everything.

I am working on procuring some radio slaves, so hopefully the flashes won't show up in the next batch of pictures...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Kids Choice Awards are on.

My daughter is watching it now. She's gonna be one of those girls that goes to or something. I tried. I really tried.

Today has been oddly long and arduous. Garrett has freaked out for a large percentage of the day. He calls me "mommy". He also headbutted my collar bone and actually inflicted pain.

He is obsessed with going outside, which is actually okay with me, except for the part where he tries to run into traffic.

He can almost turn it himself...

Anna has decided that April 1st is Holly's birthday. I'll go with it. I think she'll be 5 years old. I think. Maybe 4. I can't even remember. It feels like I have always had her, which I think is pretty comforting. She's a great puppy and is very happy that she can get on the couch now. I just gave up that fight...

Mica is trying to cram an entire book into the weekend for her Women's Studies class. Her teacher is a man hating beast. I bet she'd love me. No, really. Older woman think I am awesome. I can't explain it. Oh, look at those orange walls!

I have a shoe problem. I have a lot, but to be fair, I buy a pair of shoes and use them for everything...BMX, skating, they wear out fast. Etnies stopped making the Ruben, which was my favorite shoe. I just bought some Orchid's (on sale!) and I hope that I get to try them out tomorrow.

This was a dull post.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can't get a decent shot of Hendor.

Skate park night! Woo! Despite my efforts, I cannot for the life of me get a good picture of Hendor. I am not gonna give up, but maybe it's because it's just hard to photograph a force of nature.

I did finally get some pics of Nate. He's another that I struggle with, but finally the animal was captured tonight.

Nate was warming up with 360 nosepicks over the spine. The first one I shot turned out to be the best one, in my opinion...

Then he fired out a no footer nosepick! THE MAN IS A MACHINE. THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

Finally, we labored on this 360 over the thing...this one looked the best of the batch (again, in my opinion) but he was nailing them all night.

One of my favorite skaters to watch. This guy goes so fast and so smooth. I can watch smooth skating all day long. Not much going on in the pic, but he is just going so damn fast here...

It was a fun night. Mostly the older crowd, and there is an ease with one another when that is the case...skaters and BMX'ers getting along, pulling for each other and just having a good time. It's nice, man.

This is for my sis...look at that hair!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two Jakes. Two of them.

They are from the Jay Cee, and they rip rip rip rip. One I am familiar with, one I just met. Both are good fellas and just kill it on the BMX. And they don't mind firing out tricks for me to take pictures of.

Jake I know up close...I wasn't ready for him, but I took the picture anyways.

Same Jake and the tuck no hander. He actually did this for me multiple times because I kept missing it. Thanks, bro.

Final one of this Jake. He again obliged my request for multiples. I liked the panoramic feel of this one...

Jake that I am not so familiar with...

X-up in the bowl...

Invert into the blue. Blue shows up so nice...


I finally did an alley oop 270 on the hip. Yay.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Ratrick's Day

Apparently, this is some sort of crazy hippie shit they do up on the "Ridge" on St. Patrick's Day. Mica was a hippie, so she has some really interesting stories about the world that is unknown to me...because as we all know, I am a conservative asshole.


BAM! She complained that she never gets a mention. So now, she gets a mention, a picture and DRAMATIC LIGHTING!

I got some new stuff for my bike. New grips and a new chain wheel. Now, she is perfect. Pure sex. I love this bike.

I have decided that I hate my Loteks. They feel like shit on my feet. The best shoes for BMX that were ever made were the Rubens by Etnies. And they stopped making them...because they seem to be idiots. I have two pair sitting here next to me that I have rehab'd, so they are going to be my shoes of choice for as long as they last. Once they are done...I dunno...maybe I'll just quit BMX.

Some pictures of the sport that I love with all that is left of my heart after my children and Mica take their chunks...

Corey, I am posting this because you did not land it...and you need to. You are so close. Get on it.

John, stay motivated. For someone that doesn't ride that much, I am amazed at your ability. Please ride more. You are a good dude.

Z Biggy...two angles of the same trick. He is so good it makes me weep. Inside. I ain't crying in front of a bunch of dudes. That's no good. But seriously, Biggs is fucking nuts.

I broke myself off a little this evening. Charliefuckinghorsed. Ow. Say something nice to me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post game let downs...get downs...

Last night my Tennessee Vols came up 99 in the SEC tourney. At least they made it to Saturday. I'm bummed, but more than that, I am sick. This cold is taking it's toll on me, but I still got up and rode this morning. Not sure how. Not sure why. But the sky rewarded me with sun and a pretty good morning at the park. These guys from Kingsport/Johnson City showed up and they totally killed it. This fellow in particular...


I am not sure who this guy was, but he fired out some nice nice on the hip.

Andrew was already there, and I feel compelled to say that if he got to ride more, he would really be a sight to see. So good. Go watch that Props interview with Bobby to see Andrew in his salad days...amazing.

My kids have been amazing of late. Anna is doing excellent in school, Garrett is getting a decent handle on the English language and they both pretend to love me. I'm a fan. The best two things I have accomplished in this life...

More later.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coldburger in paradise.

I has a cold. Actually feel better today than I did yesterday, but still. We took the kids to the park the other day and had a good time...Garrett is totally fearless. He'll slide down anything, face first, sliding on the knees, on his belly...whatever it takes. That's my boy. He might look like his mom, but he acts like me. I'll take that all day long. Anna has that in her a little as well. She'll hang from stuff, try to skate, try to jump off of I am a proud pop. I love those damn kids.

Finally got a flash, so I'll have some better night shots at the park soon. Really, I'll just have better shots, period. STAY MOTHERFUCKING TUNED.

Monday, March 10, 2008

So, I am kinda bummed.

I rode like shit tonight. My son doesn't call me daddy. He calls me another name that does not belong to me. I just don't know what to say about any of this.

But, I black and whited some pics that I had posted earlier. I think these look better.

And I took some pics at the park yesterday. Meh.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lucero, bitches.

My favorite band showed up and played a set at Barley's last night. This was exciting for me on a lot of levels, but the big one was the hope that this would somehow erase the bad taste in my mouth left by the events during the last show they played here. Mission accomplished on that front. Mica provided good company and a shove in the back to get me closer to the stage to take pics. She is way supportive of my endeavors, and I appreciate that more than she knows. The pics are grainy as fuck, but the light was low...WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME???

Also, I ran into my friend Brandon, who is dating a friend of mine. Brandon offered a free tattoo! I am siked beyond all imagining.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

All fixed, yo.

So, my knee is a lot better. A lot. Way stoked on that. My friend Ret went down with an ACL injury, which I totally hate to hear. Having gone through two of those, I can say that I would wish that on no one. Not even a man that bedded my sis. Get well soon, man.

Ret looking sorry...about what I will not say...

Total Knoxville badass Zach Biggs took it hard to the skull the other day at the park. Fractured orbital bone and lots of blood. The doctor said to give it about a month of rest. Zach had other ideas. Like this downside whip...

And if that wasn't enough (and it wasn't, because the man is a fucking beast on a bike) he went back to the scene of the crime and shut it the fuck down...

(seriously, look how high he is. I wonder if it is hard to pedal with balls of that size...)

Corey got to ride and boosted a nice table for me. Thanks Corey. You're a peach.

I had fun tonight. Didn't get hurt, for once, and even rode decent. Tables/berm sliders are getting better.


See you in the funny papers.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Broken broken broken

So very broken. Well not that broken, but my left knee is pretty hosed. Like, bro before hosed. I can't bend it behind me without pain, but I can run, jump and do a bunch of other stuff. Apparently, it is just sprained and will be better when the swelling goes down.

This is what my right knee looks like, please note the lack of swell...

This is my left knee. This is the motherfucker. I gots me two bags of frozen peas, I'll chill with the ice.

I cleaned off my lens tonight, after I cleaned my house. I posted some pics on my myspace and realized that the lens was as dirty as the inside of a rat's asshole. Much better now. Still need a flash, though. Will be getting that this week, maybe.

Mica is sick as 20 hells...puked up some noodles and everything. I feel bad about not cuddling her, but what can I say? I am a bad boyfriend.


Actually, I just look bad. So Mica has nothing to fear. Even in light of the news that Rachel Ray's relationship is on the rocks.