Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Austin, TX day two...

I skipped day one because day one was mostly just us chilling and recovering from a hellacious drive. Note to Arkansas, you are a terrible state simply because you chose to harbor and provide comfort to mosquitos. Swarms of them. Holy hell.

Anna had not seen her cousin Lauren in a good bit, and I think she was kinda shocked at how much she has grown up. The boys are nuts. All of them. It's a damn scene. We rode Empire today (for about 20 minutes before it just got too hot) and Mica took a picture of me. That is a fast ramp. Thanks to Tom and Tina for the amazing hospitality.






Saturday, July 17, 2010

B-Roll stuff. Kinda. Or something.

Not much new happening in the world of me. School has been working me silly, but we are in the last week of that for the summer and then I get a little break. I went through some pics and wanted to post up some stuff that didn't make it into posts of a regular nature for some reason or another. There's a pic of me doing a wall ride that Adam took with my camera, there's a couple of pics of Harter the night I finally got my flashes to work decently and some other stuff. Anyways, take a look.







Monday, July 12, 2010

Tim Lewis omission post

I posted up (I thought) some pics of Tim riding at Bigfoot the other day, but the links shit the bed and...I have no idea. I don't write code. I punch blue and white jumper wires down for a living. Whatever. Sorry Tim.

Oh, there is a wheelbarrow too. Whee!




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I actually did. Rode like, three spots. That is a lot for this dude these days. At the tender age of thirty-five, I don't really go tearing around the city with my camera gear strapped to me. So, the first offering is Jon Harter with a footplant on the Butcher Shop Wall. It totally came out the way that I wanted it to, which is rare.


Next we have Chase at this "under a bridge spot" near the Butcher wall. This was, I think, his sixth tuck no hander down this huge bank, and really...it was the best one. Flashes not firing and late shutter clicks were a bitch, but it was worth it.

Harter riding the curb-stack sub downtown. This spot has been around for a bit, and the last time I rode it I was probably in my twenties. Maybe that is exaggerating. Anyways, we rode it, I screamed a bit and whatever. Stephen+Street=Hockey Temper. Jon liked it.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to Earf.

Thanks to Hollywood, I can't think of Indpendence Day without thinking of President Bill Pullman giving his rousing speech to the remnants of American humanity urging them to celebrate their independence from being obliterated by an alien force. Thanks. A lot. We went to Taylor and John's for the holiday and stuff was blown up, drank, eaten, mocked and generally celebrated. It was a good time and I promised Taylor that next go round, I will bring her some Makers Mark. Pics or it didn't happen (it did)...





New bike for Mica and Trails Tuesday...

Mica has been on me to get her a bike for some time now. Every time that I saddle up to go hunting for one, I come back empty handed. Until today. Boom.

Yesterday was Trails Tuesday. As it was my off week as a dad (though really, I am always on call for dad duty, which is way okay with me) I headed up with camera and water in tow. I am not gonna write clever captions for this shit, as English Lit has me on the ropes today, but I wanted to get the pics up. It was hotter than two rats fu@king in a wool sock, btw.



Pics from the 4th in a bit. Garrett liked explosions. He's got a future, that kid. Anna liked shooting me. She's gonna hate Christmas this year.
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