Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flash? Who needs it?

Day two of the park being shredded to bits by foreign invaders. Unlike Iraq, we welcomed our new BMX overlords. So much stuff went down that I didn't even photograph...Joe West and Joey Hill were just nuts. My flash batteries died like a dog so I just cranked up the ISO to 1600 to see what happens...a little noisy, but not terrible. I was pleased.

Joe West rides for Profile and totally killed the bowl. I imagine the severity of the beating was not unlike the one Charles Martel leveled upon the Moors in the 8th century. (Western Civ humor!)

Joey Hill is from Cincy and doesn't strike me as the sort of guy that loves Skyline Chili. Good. That stuff is nasty. Well, it is.

This is my playground...that I now feel very inferior in, mind you. But nonetheless, I will ride it and try to go faster and higher.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stoked on being coffee'd

Wrapping up the semester, which is a bit of a chore but I have some high hopes for all of this. It's 83 degrees out, but man, I wanted that coffee on the way home. So I got it. And I drank it like it was lemonade.

Knoxville's version of an Italian street fair, the Rossini Festival, took place this weekend. We took the kids, but the heat and the high prices associated with stick'd meat made me weary. But the kids loved it. So did my cougar.

Props Road Fools 17 rolled into town this weekend as well. I was sorta "meh" about it, but my attitude changed when I went out to the park and met some of the guys. First off, KC Badger is probably one of the raddest guys I have spoken with. Easy to talk to, funny and super smooth on a bike.

Chris Doyle was on board, and because I am a shitty photographer, I totally botched this. But I like that he has pepperoni nips! Woo!

Remember that post where I showcased the ANTHEM sticker on my bike? This guy is responsible for that video. BMX is better because of Stew. Fuck, that beard is something else...

Darryl Tocco does not care that the tranny on this side of the bowl is supposed to be harder to air out of. Not one bit. Jesus.

So in conclusion...buy some Badger Bars, Big Daddy is the truth, Catfish and DixieBMX met and no dicks were sucked, Anthem 2 is gonna be epic and when Bobby asked me if Rye looked any different, all I had was, "well Bob, he ain't taller."


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jon Stewart is my god.

This should be mandatory viewing for many people...
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I am tired of the "Obama is taking money from me and giving it to the lazy poor" or "Obama is turning America into a socialist country" or "Where's the change?"

Several things...

Unless you are making more than $250,000 a year, shut the fuck up. The proposed tax increase only applies to families making more than that. And if you are making $250,001 a year, I don't feel sorry for you that you'll have to maybe think twice before ordering NFL Sunday Ticket in HD this year. (hey, these social economic generalizations are fun! YOU WERE RIGHT!)

Socialism? How? Because of the health care bit? Well, of course you think so, you probably have good health insurance and haven't had something catastrophic happen to you or a loved one that wound up somehow not being covered by insurance and thus financially crippling your family. I understand that many people believe that America was built upon rugged individualism and a can do spirit which ties into the whole "work hard and you can do anything" idea...but wait. Was it? Here is the real story. The millionaires and billionaires of this land were incredibly driven men who made their fortunes on the backs of the workers that toiled long hours for small pay. Then the people came together and affected some change to get better working conditions and better pay (this, by the way is really hard to do by yourself). In every facet of corporate America, I have found that TEAMwork is the best bet. That teams achieve more. TEAMS win championships in sports. Why is that that good enough for every other part of life, but asking citizens of a country to act in concert to tackle some of our bigger issues is so dramatically horrible? What am I missing?

Where is the change? 10 FUCKING WEEKS. TEN. Bush had eight years to take a wrecking ball to this nation, but Obama has to have it fixed over a long weekend? Get over yourself. Please. Really. In the interest of fairness (you are fair and balanced, right?) he should at least be given a full term to tackle this "needs some paint and some TLC" country sized mess that Bush left him. And stop blaming Clinton for it, too. What, did you black out on some Mike's Hard Lemonade for the first part of the 21st century?

I will give Bush some props, though. He is pretty much keeping his mouth shut. He fucked up, he knows it and he is really hoping that he can just fade into Bolivia. I take my hand off to him.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I should be reading chapter 10

But instead I am fresh off of the Wii Fit and am still being told by a game console that I am overweight. No words. No words.

My son got his hair cut this past weekend thanks to his mom (I supplied him with his first hair cut, but the mom sorta didn't like it so I removed myself from that duty for a bit out of a desire for peace) and for lack of better term...he looks different. Still cute...totally cute. It was one of those shocking moments for me. You can see his whole face which means you can see the whole expression he is leveling at you which means that my son is mean as hell. Apples and trees and proximity come to mind. I can dig it.

Look at this guy!

And then he's ready for the glam!

Chilling with sister and a mini skateboard...

Anna took a shower and looked ready for a Rainbow Gathering...

I poached this from Corey. I like pictures of me on my bike NOT riding the park. Sweet!

Hell yes. Time to go do some sit ups! Fatty!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Land war in Asia and other things that you shouldn't do...

Say "last try" before dropping in.

Go to the skate park twice in one day.

Discuss politics...especially if you are uninformed and Republican.

Break a twenty to buy a 3 Musketeers Bar.

Pour a half cup of boiling water into instant oatmeal. Shit's gonna be soup.

Take vitamin B at night.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something for the ladies.


I dunno, I haven't posted in a bit. School. Work. Kids. Yard work. Bike riding. Too busy. I am sure you were worried.

I was officially burned out on the park today. Too much of this...

So I talked Corey into going to the Butcher Shop wall ride with me. It worked out decent. Corey does wall rides like Obama delivers a rousing speech.

Then he reaches into his bag and rips out this Ruben. So stoked on this one. The lighting is even sweet.

He took a nice one of me, but no telling when that will get posted *mean mugs Corey*.

Semester almost done.