Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009, we hardly knew you.

It's been a rough year, no question about it. We've pulled through and the prospects from 2010 look decent. I managed to make A's in both classes this past semester, something that I had not yet accomplished (always an A and a B). Mica graduated from UT this past semester, so the future will hopefully be bright.

Here are a couple of the last shots of 2009. We got the the skatepark Sunday morning and the gates were locked, which caused some consternation because the thermometer was actually above 49. This concrete wall on a column for the interstate is right outside of the park and it gives me a laugh to see how much we ride that when we have this nice park 100 feet away.

It seems like if you are gonna hail from Knoxville as a BMX' better be able to do a hop wallride from flat. The ghost of Bobby Fisher mandates this. Lumberjack enthusiast Corey obliges...

I am thinking about doing some different stuff with the blog in 2010, so we'll see what happens. Stay tuned.