Monday, November 24, 2008

Embrace the chaos.

It's 5 against 1. The one has given up trying to bend the world to his ways and has instead chosen to flow with the world's ways. I think this is going to net a much better result.

I took Pho to the skatepark. He dropped in first it was nothing! So proud of that guy. He struggles with life sometimes, but I think he is just looking for something to anchor himself with.

Garrett learned to pedal a bike the other day. Saturday to be precise. This is not a picture of that event. This is him playing with a doll house. We pick our spots...

Ocean sticks his tongue out of his mouth so much that he gave himself a raw spot on his lip.

Anna is going to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I will miss her dearly. For the record, Jackson, MS is a poop hole.

We got a new table. Well, actually it is a really old table, but new to me. Yay for retro styling. All I need now are some chunky plastic glasses, a scraggly beard and a fixie and I am the bane of bmxboard.

I do really like the table, though.

Wonderful pic of Mica. Very early. We got awakened by kids too early on Saturday. Damn it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Eras are ending. Though the economic crisis continues to draw breath, I am oddly calm. I think things are very much on the verge of getting a lot better. I imagine this is what it was kind of like for people in concentration camps that could hear the Allies getting closer...

Kind of. I know that is a pretty dramatic comparison, but these are dramatic times. We had been led quite astray as a nation.

Though polar bears are cannibalizing themselves, it is very cold here in Tennessee. One of the things about global warming that people (and by people I mean conservative retards) fail to understand is that it doesn't mean that it will warm up everywhere. Just because it is cold here doesn't mean it is cold there. And global warming will cause the weather to get a little wonky. But what do I know? I am not even a college graduate.

Speaking of cold and here...Corey and I braved the elements and slight flurry activity to ride the park on Sunday morning. That did not last long.


There are many children scattered about in my family.

My son...who ironically uses my bike as a fingerboard obstacle...

My daughter...who because she is my daughter is doomed to look like a muppet. At least she looks like one of the cool ones...

My niece Ella, who has apparently removed my son from first place on the list of "kids with eyes so blue, Superman weeps".

Aidan, who just showed up to the party and has no idea what in the hell he has stepped into...

Not pictured, Grace, who was crying because water is made from hydrogen and two oxygen molecules; Phoenix who was sitting in his underwear someplace; Ocean, who was probably telling anyone who would listen that he can jump into outer space and Madison, who got too close to the lens for it to focus properly.

I like this picture of Mica. She is my little "LillyAllenMegRyanPaigeDavis" funball and I love her...

This is a horrible picture of me. Do I need a haircut?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The photographer's curse...

I find that I am not seen in many of the events of my family's life...because I am usually the one documenting it. This is okay with me, it's part of the job, I suppose. I guess in the end, I have the master copies of the memories that I capture. Take that!

Aidan William joined the party yesterday. 8 pounds 1 oz. of pure baby awesome. He reminded me of my great grandmother...

Dad's don't get enough pop on days like this. So props to my brother-in-law who helped make the little guy...

Aidan joins a family festooned with women. He will undoubtedly seek solace in his uncle Stephen...

Planets aligned?

And for Christmas list...

50mm goodness
black pedals please
cranks in black
vans size 12
T shirts. I trust your judgement. (Terrible One)
A belt.
Because you love me

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Rather impressive evening.

Pho went as a victim for Halloween...

Mica was Medusa...and I would totally risk turning to stone...

I worked a lot this past weekend. The new job has a lot of different challenges to it, but I enjoy the work. I like making dialtone happen. I did manage to ride Sunday, despite working until 4 am Sunday morning. I am pretty sure I rode like garbage, but I still had a good time. The sensor on the camera is dirty as the back of a Mandarin much so that I am not sure that there is enough spot removal power in Photoshop to fix it. I'd like a new camera.

John blasting in the bowl...