Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting here was harder than it needed to be.

Thanks, trombone player or whatever you were who got yourself kicked off the plane so I could take your spot. I think I was destined to be here.

So, today I met Dave Voelker, Brian Blyther and JPR. It was only Thursday.

Got a look at the Texas Toast course. The Empire Curved Wall Ride looks reasonable...

Clint Reynolds' bike was in attendance!

Tom Dugan took some test runs. I can't even verbalize what the fuck I saw.

Sorry. I was using the shitty on camera flash because I wasn't expecting this roast at all. That's the thing. He essentially did this in the dark.

So much to process. I am gonna go to sleep and try to figure out something tomorrow. Frank, I am coming for you! Mica, I love you!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The world ends in 6 days.

That's a bit of a bummer, but the more I think about it, I am okay with it. Let's get it over with. Though honestly, if it is the rapture and Jesus shows up, I am pretty sure I can take him, thus stopping the end of the world. My price for performing such a service? Nudes of Lily Allen. New ones. Not the ones that I can GIS on my phone.

Bobby Fisher got a new bike together and brought it by so I could give him some pedals. This man gave me my first bike. I can spare the dude some Trailmix pedals.

More pics of him riding this silver beast later.

Got a new lens, which made this picture nice to snap. Tim Lewis has a gilded crotch. Ask him to show you.

Tetro roasting a nice table that actually hurt his wrist a little. I told him it was worth it, because it looked niiiiiice.

This is a solid crew of dudes to ride with. Good men and good company...

Timmy Lew took a photo of me in the bowl. Ice picker licker liquor lick her...


Monday, May 2, 2011

The case for buying Fit tires...

Jon Harter, the Ginger Napoleon Dynamite, can hop. He drank from the same spring that Bobby Fisher did at some time or another. That said, I think even he shocked himself with this one. I have only seen one other do this, and that was Alex Magallan. I have heard that others had, and I even said that I had seen lesser folk do it to help push Harter over the edge. But in truth, the Scout was the only other I witnessed...until this moment on a really warm spring day. He even got a grind out of it. Those are brand new Fit FAF tires on there that he got at Angry Penguin earlier that day. I think they helped.

When I open the back of my truck, a swap meet breaks out.

This here...this got people fired up. Game changer. No shit. Thank you to my British liaison Anthony Scott for sending it over.