Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hot enough to melt the sun.

Heat Wave 2011 has made the latter half of the summer a tough one to ride. As the saying goes, it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Hands blowing off grips makes for some dodgy at best conditions, and the fact that the temperature drops to a cool 85 degrees at night ain't helping either. But we ride anyways, because I'd rather be soaked with sweat and feeling the effects of a possible heat stroke over frostbite and bitter winds. At least the heat gives me an excuse to drink cold beer in the shower.

We got out this morning and it was already pushing 90 with 160% humidity. Corey has been riding more since his wrist has healed up and that means nothing but good things for me, because riding with my best friend is a good way to go.

He shot this picture of me last year. I am using it now because I miss that set up. I love my Hickerson, no doubt, but that SFA was sweet as pie.

As soon as the Barcode is real, I am selling my current frame to Tetro. He's on a 20.75 right now and he is taller than me. No matter, he still has the best opposite tables in the southeast. Even if the headtube on that thing is steeper than our nation's descent into hell.

BMX bucket list...time to do a legit rail. I have done skatepark rails, but never a real, out in the wild rail. That gets done before summer's end. I am calling myself out.