Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You gotta trust the wall...

I stayed home from work yesterday because of a feverish Garrett. He had been roasting all weekend and after the night he put in, I had to check on him. Ever been kicked right in the mouth when you are sleeping? It's fucked up, man. But the doc said that he is fine, just a virus and nothing to be alarmed about.

Look at the kid with the tooth knocking feet! What a peach!

Last night I was kidless, so I rode. Mica actually went with me and got to see me just about kill myself right out of the box. But I stabilized the ship long enough to just sort of ride shitty. I took some pics of John and Corey using the nice "commander mode" feature on my Nikon. That is one thing I can say for Nikon...that is a pretty awesome little jib. So, here we have the fruits of the labor. Keep in mind that the flash was the only light for these. It was pitch fucking dark other wise...



John with an under the interstate 180...

I am siked on this.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bloody mess.

Saw a bad wreck last night at the park. Skater got rolled off on a stretcher after cracking his helmeted head on the concrete. It was disturbing...that was someone's kid. I really felt horrible for him and his family.

Speaking of skating, there is this fella from FLA that totally kills it...I mean he just shreds the dogshit out of the place. His name is Matt and he also shows skills on a BMX. Hell, he can probably fly, too.

He can totally pop in the peanut bowl...

Cody has been working on turndowns, and I though I am not sure if this bike is stolen or what, he did a good one...

This morning Corey and I braved the heat to ride a nearly empty park. It's like golfing in Arizona during the summer. Corey is gonna hate that I posted this, but damn...his grip is in his gotdamned armpit.

He took a pic of me on the volcano/jersey barrier thing.

Mica makes good mashed taters.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

33 is okay with me.

No post in a while. My life has been hectic and full and the batteries on my camera died...but I did manage to turn 33 last week. Mica threw me a party and I have to say without a doubt that it turned out to be the best birthday party I ever had. Good food, booze, good friends, drunk girls causing discussion, beer, Bobby Fisher turning me into an alcoholic...it was all there.

Before the batteries shit the bed, I got some shots off. Corey, John and myself looking fantastically retarded.

Sweet dudes, no doubt. I have some amazing friends. I think that perhaps that is the measure of how you are doing in life. What kind of friends do you have. If so...then I am doing well.

This is the girl that made it go. Mica, when she is not on a hostile rampage, is the raddest girl in the raddest world.

She got me some dope shirts and handlebars for my day, made awesome food, pretends to be interested when I talk about bikes and just generally is awesome.

This is my son totally zombied out to...A BMX VIDEO. He watches them more than I do. In fact, I am quite tired of watching them.

But, he is a refined child. He takes time to enjoy the fine things in life...

Anna is going camping today. Prayers to mother nature.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

100 degrees and let's go tobogganing!

It is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock. I mean, it's hot. Instant swampy in the shorts. But we ride. And apparently, the only trick that gets done... toboggans.

I guess this is a home run because John took it out of the park. LOLZ. Oh man...shoot me.

Corey dipped this so nice that it looked good enough to eat.

And finally, John blasts off the deck, over the twinkie and into the bowl. Nucking futs. Nice one, homie coat!

Tomorrow I age.

Friday, June 6, 2008


That is the sign that has been spray painted on the pool coping bowl at the park. Ultimately, it is fine with me because I never ride that bowl, but I can't help but be afraid that they are gonna try to kick bikes out of there all together. I have heard comments from people that I consider friends on this matter, and it bums me out. I have tried to take a reasoned stance on this..."just follow the rules...don't give them a reason..." but even reason has it's limits. When at the park last night, every BMX'er I saw had a helmet on. Contrast that with maybe 30% of the skaters wearing one and you can see where frustration comes in. Enforce all the rules or enforce none of them. Don't just pick the ones that work for you.

Anyways, I took some pics of Jake the other night and have been slow to get them up here. Every once in a while, I get a shot that feels epic. This is one of those shots. Jake rides with Will Love, and it shows. He's a beast and goes huge.

He also did a dog piss for me. He would have fit in nicely at a 1990's BS comp...

I think I finally sort of got a decent shot of Mr. Biggs doing that one footed 360 table that he flows so well.

Anyways, I need to ride some street. I think that is what I'll do this weekend. I'm turning into a bowl rider.