Monday, December 12, 2011

Look at this fucking guy...

Majestic. Like a lion on the arid plains of Africa.

Jake Hunter filming the Grindstaff for the upcoming Angry Penguin video. I think. I forgot to confirm that. I was too busy doing wallrides and screwing around with shitty feeble grinds.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Procrastination puncuates the still night air.

And I thank god you're here.

So Mica took a pic at a spot of me and my bike.

That is the new SFA. She's a beauty and I figured that I would forgo the rundown of parts because ultimately, I am lazy.

Last weekend, sweet dudes from Nashville came by and did some shredding. Tyler Fredrick had some knee surgery, but he was clearly feeling better. I wasn't set up totally yet when he flew by, but I clicked it anyways...

Then my camera got fixated on Dave Williams because he rips and is 5 foot 5 and rude as hell.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't fuck with Ohio.

Tyler Pollari paid a visit on his way to Florida to hang out with his little brother. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Pollari, I highly recommend watching this...


He also rode the park with us and hit up some of our finer wall ride offerings-

A very Dixie bike check up next...

Monday, October 10, 2011

UPS doesn't always deliver.

My neighbor across the street is waiting on a frame and it is 7:52 at night and even though the tracking number says "out for delivery", things look grim. I feel really bad for him. Maybe tomorrow. I've been sucks because time passes so slowly when you are young.

Rode our quaint little dirt jumps yesterday. Shot a couple of Timmy Lewis getting going. Since he sent me a text asking if I could get these to they are.

The Johnson City boys came down to ride. Jake and I had this conversation about Twombolts...then his broke. I am not taking any blame for that.

Here, they enjoy coffee during happier times. I knew going to Maryville was a bad idea.

Also, I got some photos published on the ESPN action sports site. So, that was cool.
Searching for Bobby Fisher

AND...UPS JUST SHOWED UP. Kids are rejoicing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Push it a stop...

Someone on good ol' BMXBoard posted a link to this site (Push It A Stop) and I was glad for this because I kinda forgot about the site for a while. There are good tips on there and one of them pulled me back into processing photos in Photoshop (a little). So I have two examples to present.

In this one, Tetro is blasting over the spine. He goes so high that even the pros notice. I wish I were skinny.

This pic is part of a set I took of Bobby Fisher for a article/feature/thing that may or may not show up on the Sunday site. I have no idea. He's riding his 24" and doing shit that he does. He rides flat on it, street...just whatever. That is Bobby.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My clip from Amateur Hour's vid...

I had a riding clip in a video! In the past, I was audibly part of Style Cats (wrecking during a Bobby Fisher trick) and I was in the crowd in "The Birth of Big Air" at a BS contest. But this time...I have something I can actually show my kids. Maybe.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wall ride Wednesday. Except it is Friday. No fucks are given.

So I had some photos left in the chamber from the Wisconsin/Florida summit, and since I had today off due to the kids being out of school...UPDATE.

This picture has a lot going for it. Good guys, obvious warm weather, and A CAT.


So, comparing and contrasting in these next two. In one, a 19-year-old ripper from Florida, in the other an aging father from Tennessee. The commonality? That wall. That is about it.

A week later, Corey and Jon rode the same wall, which for some reason hasn't been sessioned by us as much as it probably should have...

Back to the Florida guys...Trey just goes high on everything in the world and has the most hairless chest I have ever seen in person. I think my 5-year-old has more body hair. Full disclosure- my son also has a prehensile tail.

Brien is simultaneously one of the saltiest and one of the most positive guys I know. He's actually warming up for a wall ride over a vent on the wall, but I liked the look of this one. Earnhardt bike on the wall instead of into it.

I'm gonna finish it off with one more shot of Trey Jones. Kids should buy Shadow Conspiracy stuff just because he rides for them. This is a slightly different pic than what was up on the Cult site. It still makes me feel like a pussy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Rusticle Comes to Knoxville...

My internet friends came to visit me. I am eating cheese curd while wearing a Shadow Conspiracy shirt. Thanks boys. The internet rules. Fuck the haters.

These fucking guys...

The BMX Boss looking for Trey so he doesn't plow him..

Joey Juaristi carving the shit out of the Magnolia Street wall ride. Nice to meet you, dude.

Trey Jones came along and rode okay.

Sizing it up.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hot enough to melt the sun.

Heat Wave 2011 has made the latter half of the summer a tough one to ride. As the saying goes, it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Hands blowing off grips makes for some dodgy at best conditions, and the fact that the temperature drops to a cool 85 degrees at night ain't helping either. But we ride anyways, because I'd rather be soaked with sweat and feeling the effects of a possible heat stroke over frostbite and bitter winds. At least the heat gives me an excuse to drink cold beer in the shower.

We got out this morning and it was already pushing 90 with 160% humidity. Corey has been riding more since his wrist has healed up and that means nothing but good things for me, because riding with my best friend is a good way to go.

He shot this picture of me last year. I am using it now because I miss that set up. I love my Hickerson, no doubt, but that SFA was sweet as pie.

As soon as the Barcode is real, I am selling my current frame to Tetro. He's on a 20.75 right now and he is taller than me. No matter, he still has the best opposite tables in the southeast. Even if the headtube on that thing is steeper than our nation's descent into hell.

BMX bucket list...time to do a legit rail. I have done skatepark rails, but never a real, out in the wild rail. That gets done before summer's end. I am calling myself out.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've been wanting this for a bit.

Since the park opened and I learned how to drop in and grind, I have wanted to get a double pegger in the over-vert part of the bowl. For some reason, I was laying in bed this morning and thinking that today would be a good day to do it, even though I was pretty sore from a pulled muscle in my back and a little hung over. It was just Corey, Tetro and myself and I fired out an attempt that came up sort of intentionally short, because I was essentially taking a bitch run at it, but I wanted to know how much speed I needed to carry. I got it worked out and sent the next try into a pretty perfect grind on the coping, but I landed nose heavy, and sort of bucked myself off the bike. Corey went to get his camera at this point and I wasn't sure if I was gonna try it again, but after doing the math in my head, I figured I could do it. So I did. Thanks to Corey for the picture...I am pretty fucking stoked right now...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lightroom 2 is awesome.

I may have brought this up before. But it makes developing digital pictures easy and a treat. So I picked some randoms that I had posted up before to see if they were any better with Lightroom than with my limited skills in Photoshop. Ideally, I would do a comparison with the older version, but that sounds a lot like work.

From my trip to Austin last summer...

Scotty and Bobby, two cornerstones of the Knoxville scene...

I am working on getting some shit together for a First Friday in September. If Mica and I pull it off, come see it at Aisle 9, I think.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am posting this to keep from having to see Larry King's face.

Woof. Dude is on death's doorstep for sure. It's way uncomfortable.

Anyways, I met some dudes for some street riding (I did very little riding...lots of looking) and snapped a few pics using my massively unreliable wireless triggers. Fortunately some new ones are on the way.

Jon 180'd this gap first go. Kinda gnarly as it run up wasn't exactly smooth and flat and the curb at the top was fucking with his head a little.

Dave Williams is still good and is still riding a Specialized frame. Someone should hook this man up.

I did a really shitty job of hiding the flash here, but I am running it anyways because no fucks are given.

More to come, folks.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tetro Tables in Honor of AMERICA.

Tetro embodies a lot of what makes America great. He's got ratty facial hair, likes fast cars and does good opposite tables over hips that go the wrong way. Seriously, I would punch a baby to have a hip on my side. Check the skinny bitch out!

Billy was more than happy to let me climb into the over vert and pull the plastic bag out of the drain that was causing the foot of standing water in there. Then he threw the bars with a 180. Happy birthday, America.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Compare and contrast...

So, I'd like to know what you think on this one. Same picture, developed differently (obviously) and I am keen to hear some feedback. Mica likes the black and white better, but she also likes mushy corn on the cob. She's nuts.


Stay awesome, everyone.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A slight break from being beaten by the whore mother nature

So, we've been under the gun of late. Tornadoes, hail, wind, trees ripped out of the ground and deposited on playgrounds and homes. Mother nature is pretty pissed, it would seem. I choose to believe that it is because of the continued breath that Sarah Palin continues to draw. I digress.

We got a slight break today and though it was fucking hot, we rode. Because you never know when you are gonna get to pedal again. Save nothing.

Dave moved back from Arizona and is a full time Knoxville resident now. We got some different angles of this. Dude is a rippah!

I had some other stuff from the Toast Jam that I felt like posting up. I still think about this trip. Mostly it was the time spent with awesome folks at Empire and the sessions at T-1. But I also got to see some serious shred.

Corey Nastazio!

Morgan Wade just goes and goes. If it were football, they'd say his motor never stops running.

Rickey Mosely got third place...


There's talk of a trails jam for the weekend of the 4th. We'll see what happens. *casts a weary eye at the sky*