Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dents lead to changes.

My SFA got a bit of a dent in the down tube. Not sure how it got there, probably on an aborted fast plant in the bowl, but it is there. The paint started coming off of it where the wound was located, so I resolved to just strip her down when I had a chance. Well, I didn't really have a chance, but I made one last night. I had finished a Spanish test, gotten dinner for the kids and even got my wife a bottle of wine. So I got a can of Jasco, some steel wool and wiping cloths and got it done in 38 degree weather. With a breeze.

Here we go.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're a pit stop. It works.

I got a text from my friend Brien today. "Crandall asked me for your number." This was followed by a call from Steve letting me know that he is coming my way and wanted to know if I was into some bike riding. Luckily, I was. I tried to coax Bobby Fisher out. No dice. On FBM trips out west, we are a stop over, which is cool. I got to meet some pretty rad dudes, admire some Kenny Horton tables, make a Play Clothes ramen noodle joke that two people got...good stuff.

I took some photos as I am wont to do. It had actually been a bit since I shot BMX photos. Not actually sure that I have even done it this year. Well, that's out the window. I have done it now. Here a Kenny Horton shot that was a bit dark, but it worked for me...

Here was a lighter one...

Cranpa got into it, when he wasn't shit talking me.

Safe travels, fellas. I am trying to find the link to Paul Horan's instagram. He's a good one.