Sunday, November 14, 2010

I was not at the Anthem II premier.

But I wanted to be. I pre-ordered that junk, so barring a zombie apocalypse (which, disappointingly, I do not wake up to every day) I will be checking out some of the finest BMX stunting captured in black and white sometime in early December.

On Halloween day, I destroyed my back. Before that happened, I took some photos of Corey riding street. He looks like a BMX version of his dad, but that didn't stop me from taking his picture.

When I saw this picture, all I could think of was, "dad, I am disappoint."

Anna and Garrett throwing down the poses the day before my wedding...

I rode the Central Ave. wallride the other day, and it took a substantial amount of my hand skin from me. I was bleeding all over the place but I did manage to take a nice picture of Tim, Taco and the sky.

Yesterday I met Corey at the park for a little session and was reminded why I always thought Corey was so damn good.

He even snapped one of me doing a footplant. The Garrett Byrnes appreciation thread on BMXboard made me do it.