Sunday, January 30, 2011

Head first, man.

I'm going street riding.

And I did. The park was insanely packed with kids, and we had some guests from north of here, so we headed to campus. I haven't rode there in years, as transition is far kinder to my body. But I gave it a go, did some grinds down some shit. Busted up my elbow a little but it's cool.

Taco is starving.

JR Henry always seems like he is kinda mad about something.

And Taco again just gotta eat. STARVING.

I need to get Garrett a new bike. And we need a ramp.

Also, check out the new BMX Movie Database site. When you get there, go watch the Josh Stricker part in Forward over and over again. NOW. Please.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things I desire greatly...

I essentially have three material things that I covet right now. Thing one is not even able to be gotten yet...

The FBM made Terrible One Barcode. I had a Solid made one, but as soon as these became a possibility, I gambled and sold the Solid in anticipation of getting a hold of one of these. Which means that I currently ride my 2007 Garrett frame, and that is fine. Getting the Barcode would be a total indulgence and is wholly unnecessary, but I am human and that is a pretty frame.

The Nikon D7000.

I own a D200, which is a fine camera, but there is just something about being able to shoot HD video and having a camera that is actually current that I find appealing. Since making the switch from Nikon to Canon, I felt pretty good about my decision. Then the Canon 7D came out and I questioned my faith. Then Nikon unleashed the D7000 and I felt good about my choice of gods. I'd love to put together an artsy edit that 74% of BMXBoard would hate because of the HD. Damn United Video. I was way off on that one. Sorry Greg.

Working for a cellular phone company is pretty cool. I get free phone service (sort of) and I...well...that's about it, really. I carry a shitty Motorola flip phone that doubles as a really horrible alarm clock. Which leads me to...

I want an iPhone. I can't have one, because I'd probably get a stern talking to by someone. But damn, look at that thing! Why, I could carry one device in my pocket that would allow me to play Paper Toss while I poop at work instead of taking my phone AND my iPod Touch with me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twenty two days later...

I'm slack, but what can I say? Winter is a cruel bitch. It's snowed more than it normally does here in dixie, and global swinging (dude on the Today Show called it that) dictates that temperatures are gonna go f-ing nuts for a while. Well then.

Back to happier times, the day of the Anthem II premier here in Knoxville brings back fond memories. New friend Tyler went under the knife for an ACL replacement, so I thought I would remind him what he has to look forward to when he gets healed up...

Two of the biggest hitters Tennessee has ever produced. Nathan Williams doesn't count because his no handers look horrible.

I say that about Nathan and then these really nice dudes from Nashville showed up in between snow storms.

Then I got looking through my stuff and found this pic of my son. It reminded me that no matter what a BMX Napoleon thinks, being a dad is a pretty sweet deal...made even sweeter when you get to let your kids ride things that not many full grown men get to partake in...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do I have to have a title?

I don't know. I can't be clever all the time. Sometimes I just want to show the pictures that I have taken. It was two days or so before Christmas and we had this oddly okay day...temps in the 50's and whatnot. I was feeling it, so I went to the park. No other riders were there; just a handful of skaters and myself. Then this dude walks up and drops in and I can tell that he is a ripper. He introduced himself as Brian, so I figured it out pretty quick. Brian Hunt can ride bikes. He said DK or Orchid might be interested in the pics, so I sent them along. I dunno if they will get used for anything or if posting them up means that they totally won't use them, but I wanted to share. Plus Tom said to do it. I just do what he says because I am pretty sure he's a good shot.