Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swing sets, brakes, sickness and Weezer.

Sick. I feel awful. My nose will not stop pouring snot from it's caverns and my head is pounding. Then Mica rolls over and reminds me that "Sex and the City" opens this Friday and that means I have to take her. I agree, but only if after we can go see the new Indiana Jones movie. I'll use 70 year old Harrison Ford to wipe the estrogen off of me.

Maybe his next adventure will be the cure for the common cold.

In somewhat chronological order...

Sunday morning comes down and with it comes an early park session. Andrew roasts it over the hip and reminds me that I might be getting better on a bike, but he has forgotten more than I will ever know.

Rob the Bastard (Ret, for those Control Zine fans out there) did this before waxing poetically about the wonders of a skateable labia.

Garrett has regressed on the nuk front a little, but I guess I do what I can to keep peace between the households. My baby mom's should pause and reflect on this coming father's day...because I am pretty sure that lesser men would not put up with their bullshit.

The grandmother comes through with the means to buy a swing set! Despite the best efforts of my neighbor's kids to destroy it, Anna can now play on something in the backyard other than the half torn down dog pen fence!

Sometimes, I take a picture when I am just fucking around and it comes out in a way that I was not expecting. That is the case here, and it is my new favorite pic of Mica.

Last night I see Zack and he has brakes on his steed and I am all, "whaa?" and he is all, "yeeeeah!" and I am all...

Then he blasts a one footer and burns his shoulder with his tire.

Jamie Smith with no shirt on is just too much. I feel better about "Sex and the City" already.

I end this with a 270 from Josh. Josh goes fishing, works for the city of Maryville, does barspins like they are nothing and floats these with abandon.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Her last day of school...and new paint.

Anna had her last day of 1st grade this past Wednesday. She received all manner of awards on the day, the "Computer Skills" award standing out the most to me. 2nd grade on deck. I remember getting in trouble a lot in that grade. I hope she keeps it together.

She got her haircut on Friday. I had promised her that I would do that for her, so we went to Lox and they snipped away. Some of the ladies there seemed to recognize her, but were puzzled by my being with her. I guess the Riot Grrls have trouble at times understanding that not all fathers are alike...either that or they were just shocked that I was the man that Anna's mom mated with. Probably the latter.

New do!

Corey painted my frame for me the other night. It came out smashingly. I am stoked as balls on the look. Thank you, Mr. Cmac.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learning the hard way...

to not speak when I am laying down on my stomach after two cans of beer, 3 advil liquigels, 1 Benadryl and while getting a back rub from my girlfriend. Apparently, I say stupid shit.

I have apologized to this lady about 58 times in the last 10 hours...

This should essentially just be called the Zack Biggs update. Because that is what I have the most pictures of. But damn, the dude is fucking good.

Opposite style over the hip in the flow bowl...two shots!

One footed flattie in the very same bowl. Caw caw!

And this was my first non skatepark BMX pic that I have taken since the park has been open. I need to do more of this. Zack rides up a tree.

Just to break it up a little, Neebo did this moments before trading his Fit for an Eastern frame. Jesus.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've had better days.

Hi. Blog URL has been changed to facilitate the access. I fell today. I would like to blame it on the wind, as I seemed to lose speed and come up very short out of nowhere. The result? I landed on the pointy part of my pelvic bone and my face. I got a very small cut on my chin, but the actual impact rung my bell a little...and not like the Anita Ward song, either (thanks Mica). Check me out...

So, yeah...worked just a little. Beer and Advil do the trick. Salsa helps, too.

John Carlisle came out the other night and threw out some slang, and by slang I mean massive turndown.

I was going through my photos today and found a different angle of a pic that I already posted here, but it was actually a little more clear than the one I previously posted. It's Zack Biggs with a one footed flattie in between pouring his sweetness out on unsuspecting ramp tramps.

Finally, my son has figured out that he fits nicely in the dryer, and this is where he runs to when he doesn't want me to change his ass mud filled diaper. Jesus.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bonfire and insanity.

Saturday night was met with an invite from John to come to his mom's house for some fire and some beer. The mayhem was later, and I would have to assume that it had something to do with Chip. Or Chris. Or both.

Either way, it was fun, even though Mica struggled to figure out how we could be having fun at a bonfire without drums or weed.

Corey fueling up!


Something was funny, but it was not Chip's burning jizz rag.

Mica made me have to drink New Castle, but I found a way around that.

The next day was was wall to wall skate park. I learned toboggans, which is honestly a trick that I never really even considered trying. I got some pics of hot hot skateboarding action, too.

BMX also happened, and really, by the end of the night I was physically toast.

This pic has a simplicity to it that I really found pleasing. Joshua.

Neebo gave me a 180 barspinner to fakie over the spine. He also gave me a beer.

Austin (I think that was his name, I just know that he is related to the Jake that I know) was going for the handplants over the spine. That guy has arms as big as the river.

That's it for now. It was a busy and completely fun weekend.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today, I got my hair cut. I went to Lox at the urging of Mica. She went with me and helped explain to the stylist that I did not want it cut too short, because we liked the length and all...we just wanted it cleaned up a little. Well, it's too short, but my hair grows really fast, thus my ability to get a beard in less than 3 days.

I fell really hard tonight. Really hard. Ow. Old age threw a haymaker at me and just about scored a knockout, but I got off the mat. Kind of.

While I sat here with a bag of frozen beans on my knee, I got together some pics of Andy and Hendor, two of my favorite skaters in all the world. Hendor is one of the chillest people there, but he skates like he is mad at someone. It's rad. He nailed the hardflip over the hip first try. Dialed...

Andy...well, what can I say about Andy? He's super friendly, knows more about Star Wars than I do (no shit) and is like a bear with the strength of 10 bears. Front side 360!

Tonight the park was dead. Chalk it up to Sundown in the City, I guess. Zack was there, was shredding and had no pegs. He has the one footed flattie on lock down. Mike Aitken weeps...

He also no peg bonked this rail...

Billy looks like he should be in a Social Distortion cover band, or maybe even breaking beer bottles over someone's head, but he rides like he is carrying a Faberge Egg in his smooth.

Tetro is the only guy I see at the park throwing these out on a regular basis. No hands. No problem.

These are for Mica. Look at Grant. But don't stare.

That's all for now. I am gonna go heal. Sort of. God, this hurts.