Sunday, May 27, 2012

The F100 and one hour developing

So, this is my second roll of film from the F100 since purchase. I forgot that I had taken some photos in Austin on this roll- an uncomfortable close up of Aaron Ross at the ice cream social and this picture of Tree Bikes Sam at House park. Sticking with the chronological order of things, I have a couple of shots of Matt Green from North Carolina (raise up). Dude is a fucking shredder. Would rather watch riding like this over a banana sandwich any day. I took some shots at the trails the other day, probably post-Jeff Grindstaff concussion, and though I have trouble with my D200 taking pics up there, I liked the way these came out... Tim Lewis puts in so much damn work up there. Anyone that pedals up there owes him a beer and a handshake. Don't be freaked out by that gnarled finger. It's cool. Dave looks high as fuck right here. vs. Dave going high as fuck. To close, pictures from this very day. Some dudes from Ohio came down and found me via the magic of BMXboard and instagram. I don't have last names and probably don't even have names right, but they were a blast to ride with. Fuckin' Ohio, man. Floyd? I think I got that right. I feel like this guy's name was John? Not even sure about that. All in all, I am really stoked on shooting with film and figuring out settings on my own and not relying on the back of the camera to tell me if I "got it". I don't take shots like that Pollari kid from Willoughby, but who does? Fucker is a savant.

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