Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poached eggs

So Corey has been sitting on some pics for a bit since the newest issue of Metro Pulse ran a BMX picture feature that he took all the photos for. He didn't want anything out there that might be used in the issue, which is pretty standard fare, really. He's a great photographer (much better than myself) and the article was pretty cool. Anyways, he had these photos, some used/not used, and there were a few of me in there so for lack of better term, I stole them. Straight up. But as I have stated before, there aren't that many pictures of me on my bike out there in the world, so I feel okay about indulging here.

Tonight I am going to take some photos of the new house set up, so be on the look out.

If you want.

Talk to you later.


micasue said...

You really hawt on your bike. You should get some prints of these made for us to keep or hang in our room. I don't think it's weird to hang pictures of yourself on your own walls. I can't wait to get our walls done. There are just a couple of things left to hang up, but they need new frames and what not.
I love you!

Ike said...

Definately Legit. I am the same way. There are seriously like 2 pictures of me riding and one is from '98. Of course they weren't taken by someone that has Corey's skill. The tuck is awesome.Text book.