Thursday, August 20, 2009

Honk if Fox News needs a death panel...

So I finally got around to uploading some beach pictures to the big computer that I am on now. The beach is an oddity for me. My love of BMX tells me that I need to live in Austin, TX, but the rest of me wants to be near the sea for the rest of my days. I cannot account for this other than to believe that this is the substance from whence we originated all those eons ago and that we as a species are wired to be drawn to it.

Look! A Hemingway book!

Mica looked really nice here, and this was a pretty awesome evening on the beach. So really, the picture could not fail, despite my inability to photograph.

This picture was important for me to have. These two people are at least half the reason that I am alive, and they are excellent in so many ways. I really hope that healthcare stuff goes through because they deserve it. I'd gladly pay a little more for them to be taken care of.

Kid pics on the last days of summer. Anna loves school so she is stoked.

Garrett is just happy to be a part of things. In less than a month, he will be three.

Ocean got a new frame thanks to the awesome that is BMX board. 13 bucks is a hell of a price to pay for a bike. Chris is awesome.


micasue said...

I like all these photos. I can't wait to back to the beach. Next time we will take an umbrella though!
I had fun meeting your family too.

I love you!

Goosey said...

Fox, thats all I have to say. And well Ocean looks like a true pro with a pissed off face and all.