Sunday, August 1, 2010

There and back again...

I have a lot of pics I wanna share, but I am also a selfish prick who wanted to get some of this stuff up quickly. The ATX excursion was rough in some ways, mostly because of the weather. We still had a good time, I became addicted to Topo Chico water, I rode the Empire bowl by myself a few times, was remembered by Owen, ate at Rudy's, swam in Barton Springs, watched my nephew give everyone the goat, had my sister make snickerdoodles only to have me forget them and then I rode T1 with Joe Rich. That was quite the banger ending, really. I have some thoughts about this that I would like to explore later, but just know that Joe is a welcoming, warm and genuine person. Terrible One for life, man.




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