Sunday, September 5, 2010


Because they are from the Tri-Cities, you see? Get it?

I love stupid jokes.


Knock knock.

Who's there?


9-11 who?

Aw, you said you'd never forget.

Will Love was at the park yesterday and shredded the shredding out of it. I have more pictures, but I am trying to send some stuff to his sponsor, so I thought I would let them have first crack at them before I do anything else with it.

Today some of the Johnson City crew motored this way to pedal. Austin Phillips engaged in a little non-voluntary rail sodomy, but before that he banged out a hop over-to-double pegger...

and Jeff Grindstaff (I am hoping for a correct spelling, here) gave this wall at the Fountain City Optimists Club a ride and whip...

And Jake just messaged me to let me know they are going to Tyson. I guess I'll give it a lookie-loo.

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