Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am posting this to keep from having to see Larry King's face.

Woof. Dude is on death's doorstep for sure. It's way uncomfortable.

Anyways, I met some dudes for some street riding (I did very little riding...lots of looking) and snapped a few pics using my massively unreliable wireless triggers. Fortunately some new ones are on the way.

Jon 180'd this gap first go. Kinda gnarly as it run up wasn't exactly smooth and flat and the curb at the top was fucking with his head a little.

Dave Williams is still good and is still riding a Specialized frame. Someone should hook this man up.

I did a really shitty job of hiding the flash here, but I am running it anyways because no fucks are given.

More to come, folks.

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jake said...

i love this spot