Monday, October 10, 2011

UPS doesn't always deliver.

My neighbor across the street is waiting on a frame and it is 7:52 at night and even though the tracking number says "out for delivery", things look grim. I feel really bad for him. Maybe tomorrow. I've been sucks because time passes so slowly when you are young.

Rode our quaint little dirt jumps yesterday. Shot a couple of Timmy Lewis getting going. Since he sent me a text asking if I could get these to they are.

The Johnson City boys came down to ride. Jake and I had this conversation about Twombolts...then his broke. I am not taking any blame for that.

Here, they enjoy coffee during happier times. I knew going to Maryville was a bad idea.

Also, I got some photos published on the ESPN action sports site. So, that was cool.
Searching for Bobby Fisher

AND...UPS JUST SHOWED UP. Kids are rejoicing.

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LastDitchbmx said...

I need to get back out your guys way asap.