Thursday, June 28, 2012


Korey Kryder and Joel Barnett came through town a few weeks back while on an adventure to get Joel to Nashville (it's the new mini-Austin!) and while Korey is actually a real life published photographer, I tried to step up and grab some shots of Joel. Now, when compared to what Korey shot, I am lacking for sure, but...I gave it a go. Having a dude like Joel to shoot with on a regular basis has to be a treat, so enjoy, Andrew White.

This one is with my 50mm. No flash or anything. Just trying to get a shot.

This was with Korey's 10.5mm fish. Yeah, I want one.

Anyways, sweet dudes for sure, and my hope is to make it over to Nashville to say hi and let Mica do some American Apparel shopping.

But seriously, that peach beer was awful.


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