Friday, August 17, 2012

I missed the entire month of July.

I have no real reason for it. I rode. I did things. I took no pictures. August has shaped up that way, too. Just living. Doing things and not worrying about setting up for a shot.

That said, I really want to shoot some photos. But, life as a 37-year-old father does not lend itself to the photographer's lifestyle. That is my reality. Work, school for my kids, school for me, dogs, cat, chickens...all of it just takes up chunks of time that I can't easily overcome.

But I want to.

I want to take pictures. I have film. I have digital capacity.

I have desire.

Increasingly, I ride alone. That is the way it goes when you are older. Your windows of time for riding shrink...and they do not line up with the windows of time for others. It happens. I was bummed for a while about it, but as time as gone on, it gets taken in stride. At least riding is an option.

Now, if someone could fix bmxboard, that'd be something.

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