Sunday, October 7, 2012

Running on and/or with fumes.

I am not going to Texas Toast. I may shut my Twitter feed off for a week...just don't want to hear about what I am missing. Maybe that is karma for teasing BKFBM for not being there last year. The FBM crew are going to Texas Toast. On their way, they made a now customary stop in Knoxville to say hi, sell some shit and ride the park. Mica calls me an anglophile, and I probably am in some measure, so Tom Blyth was in some danger of me asking to pose with a tin of beans for a photo. We settled for this instead. Before he did this, he declared ownership of this hip. 

I think this was my first time meeting Zac Costa, though I have viewed several of his clips via the magic of BMXboard threads. 

Kenny Horton is always a treat to hang out with and has a pretty sweet feeling prototype frame under him. He's also one of the most generous people I have seen with regards to his sushi and hummus. 

Have fun in Texas, dudes. I hope you don't get too high from the fumes. 

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