Monday, May 20, 2013

Would you trust this man to organize a BMX contest?

Someone did. Well, by someone I mean Harper's Bike Shop. They put on the first (mostly) BMX jam since the late 90's. And if you measure success by black eyes received in a product toss and/or Sprocket Gobbler playing live during runs, then this thing was a bonafide hit. 
Nate DiClaudio got second place in the division that mattered, and did so partly because of his use of the front brake. Neither of these photos have anything to do with that. 
Aforementioned product toss. Shooooo weeeee. Kids will kill for some old issues of Dig.
This kid spoke no English, which made signing the waiver an adventure, but it is a really, really good thing he did sign it. This did not end well. NO FLYOUTS.
Jon Harter overcame a dislocated shoulder and being a ginger to pull some cool shit. This is not all that cool, but pictures of manuals don't look like anything, you know?
Jake Hicks came to town and won the damn thing. Dude rides fast, doesn't pedal in the bowl, and told me that he got a grown up job. As a grown up, I can attest to the sorrow that I feel for people that get those.

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