Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seal has been broken.

This was the first BMX shot I took with the D7000. I was watching Jon ride the bowl and saw him boost a few that looked pretty good. I grabbed my camera and literally ran over to that side of the bowl to see if I could get one.

"Man, this better end up on DixieBMX or your instagram or something."


Then there is this. This is one of the first BMX shots, period, taken with the D7000. Snapped by Mica, it is me doing one of the only tricks I felt comfortable doing on the mini at Sixth Ave. Who knew that waxing masonite was a thing? Anyways, I have this issue with disasters wherein I air as high as I can and then land in the disaster position because years ago I just assumed that is how Taj would do it. I never changed that line of thinking.


typoll said...

I approve of your disaster style.

Corey said...

I've got one of these bmx bikes stashed around somewhere. I think I might just have to knock the dust off it and give it a go. It looks like fun!