Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A perusal through the ol' Flickr account...

and I come across this photo of me riding a ditch in Knoxville that I have ridden since I was 12 years old. 27 years later...
I remember the first summer that I spent as a skater. School had just gotten out and I woke up one morning, determined to get myself to this ditch by the BP (it was a Gulf, then...this is 1987). My sisters were preoccupied with something, so I got dressed, packed a sandwich and a can of Pepsi, and left my house. I had to cross 2 major highways in Knoxville to get there, and at the time it did not even occur to me that 12 year boys were not supposed to do such things. I guess I was being spied upon, because someone called my dad and told him that I was seen running across Kingston Pike. So when he got home that night, I got yelled at and told that I was making my parents look bad.

That said, there is no fucking way on earth that I could even imagine one of my kids doing this.

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