Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ollies and the infinite slickness.

A small jaunt up to Ollie's skatepark in Northern Kentucky, or Southern Ohio, resulted in some gnarly swellbow for your's truly. Early in the session I slid out on a footplant and nicked my elbow just a touch, but it was enough to fill it with fluid and cause some lateral instability. I kept riding, because I came all this way, but hurt. At any rate, I also snapped some pictures of the proceedings, and let me tell you, Frank has this place dialed. Watching him ride this ramp is akin to watching the UM ride T-1 from a "he knows every inch of this thing" perspective.


And unlike my incorrect assumption that everyone that has dreadlocks knows each other, everyone from Ohio in the BMX scene does know each other...they all connect via the various indoor parks that served them in the shitty winters in that godforsaken state. Nathan and Frank had met before. Was it Section 8? Chenga? Did they bang the same girls at some point? PROBABLY.

Nathan said he came for the vert wall.


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