Sunday, August 3, 2008

4 years later...

That is probably the only part of "Cast Away" that pisses me off. Well, that and the fact that he is hung up on Helen Hunt. I'd take island isolation over being with that horrid woman.

Anyways, Garrett got his hair cut yesterday. He was asleep when we got there which I thought would mean that he would sleep through the ordeal and we'd get in and out. Nope. He woke up and my son does not wake gracefully from a daytime nap. I had to sit in the chair and hold him down while it got the snip. He looks very much like a little boy.

He's getting better on the scooter. He'll have a pro model on Blackeye soon...

Sunday morning comes down and that means we ride at the park. In the heat. Sweating like whores and such. Corey shit out this invert off this ledge thingy there.

Then he tried a toboggan over the hip but his hand missed. I still liked the way it looked because he tables out his toboggans.

I got loose in the over vert pocket. That's all I have going for me.

I also missed on the toboggan a little. But just a little.

John, get your ass up a little earlier plzkthnxbai.


micasue said...

I lurve the haircut pictures. He looks adorable.
Thanks for hooking up the Wii even though it almost broke you.
I can't even begin to express how awesome you are!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh he is so ADORABLE!!! He looks like a little boy! Lauren got all sad and said "Awe now I miss Garrett"! MMMM I could much him!!!!! So we just watched the end of Cast Away last night out of boredom. How funny!
I love you and miss you and I miss those babies!!!!!!!
You Big Sis

Peer Gynt said...

I concur on the topic of "Castaway". I completely agree with the second comment anyway. The only way it could have been less compelling to come back to civilization is if they cast Sarah Jessica Parker in place of Helen Hunt.
And more importantly, you are right on the topic of your son. Thankfully I don't have to figure out whether he looks more like Paul, George or Ringo anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think that the gman looks great! It is amazing how much he looks like a little man!!! Precious!!!! love ya miss ya- btw this is your little sis

tony said...

good grief the kid is cute. yours?

Stephen said...

Yep! He's mine. Thanks McPiffle.

I am pretty stoked on him.

Taylor said...

why would you get your son a bowl cut? i mean good things he's uber cute so he can pull it off.