Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Politics? I hardly knew her!

So, the diesel powered machine of the GOP has taken to blasting the junior Senator from Illinois over his comments on how to improve our oil dependency situation. Senator Obama suggested that if we simply made sure that our vehicles were properly maintained, we could improve their performance and thus reduce the amount of fuel consumed. The Right jumped all over this, most notably their gaseous mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh, jeering the idea that something as simple as personal responsibility could lead to decreased energy dependency. The only way we can make it all better, the right tells us, is to further defile the planet by punching more holes in it and sucking out the very last of the oil the dinosaurs left for us. This was preferable, I suppose, over McCain's initial energy plan which consisted of all Americans turning off the lights and going to bed after the Andy Griffith show at 7:30 pm.


micasue said...

Ocean came back from my mom's talking politics and said that he is gonna vote for Obabma.
Lovin' ya!

Taylor said...

i choose watching jeopardy and then going to bed. people are dumb.