Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Rather impressive evening.

Pho went as a victim for Halloween...

Mica was Medusa...and I would totally risk turning to stone...

I worked a lot this past weekend. The new job has a lot of different challenges to it, but I enjoy the work. I like making dialtone happen. I did manage to ride Sunday, despite working until 4 am Sunday morning. I am pretty sure I rode like garbage, but I still had a good time. The sensor on the camera is dirty as the back of a Mandarin much so that I am not sure that there is enough spot removal power in Photoshop to fix it. I'd like a new camera.

John blasting in the bowl...

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micasue said...

dear harry conick jr,

I love you and your photos. I think P's makeup looks really cool, and you look adorable.I can't believe Halloween and my birthday are over, it seems like everything is moving so fast.

sandra bullock

i only know this because E kept showing this movie recently.