Monday, November 24, 2008

Embrace the chaos.

It's 5 against 1. The one has given up trying to bend the world to his ways and has instead chosen to flow with the world's ways. I think this is going to net a much better result.

I took Pho to the skatepark. He dropped in first it was nothing! So proud of that guy. He struggles with life sometimes, but I think he is just looking for something to anchor himself with.

Garrett learned to pedal a bike the other day. Saturday to be precise. This is not a picture of that event. This is him playing with a doll house. We pick our spots...

Ocean sticks his tongue out of his mouth so much that he gave himself a raw spot on his lip.

Anna is going to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I will miss her dearly. For the record, Jackson, MS is a poop hole.

We got a new table. Well, actually it is a really old table, but new to me. Yay for retro styling. All I need now are some chunky plastic glasses, a scraggly beard and a fixie and I am the bane of bmxboard.

I do really like the table, though.

Wonderful pic of Mica. Very early. We got awakened by kids too early on Saturday. Damn it.

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micasue said...

Garrett and I look rough in that picture. I love the way I look like I have face and neck fat!

I love the pic of Oe, he's so cute when he isn't channeling a hellbat.

I love you!