Sunday, March 8, 2009

BMX bucket listing...

I have one. A list of things that I want to do before my time in BMX is done. I have crossed off a few (Ride 9th St. and T1, learn 360's) and this weekend I got to cross one more off the tablet...get through a six pack. Mind you I have never really jumped real doubles before. I have hit dinky little nubbin doubles and shitty rollers before, but nothing real. I got through the sixer this past Saturday and was really stoked. It's like riding a rollercoaster and the thrill of dirt dwarfs riding park big time. I can't wait to go back.

It was really awesome to get out and take a picture of something other than the park. First up is the other Corey that was riding with us at Bigfoot.

Ginger Jon had his balls rocking and cocking and flowed out an x-up over the last set.

Tim showed me the way to to wallride. I had to chase him a little, but it worked out.

Finally, Johnny C. might sound like a bag of wrenches when he goes over the jumps, but this t-bog is stretched so nice that I forgave his noise...

Enjoy the bed, John.

C-Mac, put some brakes on and let's get awesome.


corey m said...

I'll be ready next time, brakes or no brakes. I can't stand to bitch out again....not a feeling I want to get used to!

Good shots! I definitely agree it was way fun to shoot something outside of the park.

micasue said...

I just made a batch of cuppycakes.

If your lucky Squidward will rub his tentacles on your bike.

I love you.

a to the damn said...

I finally just got to go up to bigfoot for the first time this year! . . . . brakless. Man its turning out to be a better set of trails than I had anticipated. Im bummed that I didnt get to go up there c-hoomie and stephon! next time. next time.