Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garrett vs. the Volcano

I got Garrett a day earlier than normal this week, which meant that when I woke up Sunday morning, I had a friend to go to the park with. He was pretty siked about going once he realized what I was actually talking about.

"Can I grind this?" is probably the most asked question by Garrett besides, "Can I have some apple juice?" Yes G, you can grind the hell out of that...

The impetus for the title. This picture said so much...but the funnier thing to me was Garrett's demand that he get into the bowl to ride it.

When we got back, Garrett had a power banana and about 3 glasses of chocolate milk. This gave him the power to go out back and ride the dirt. GOTTA FIX THE LIP FIRST, DAD.

He even had the technique down. *slap and smooth*

Gotta make that backside hold up!

He just looks the part. I'll get you a new hat, buddy. Dang dog.


Adam said...

The fucking best post i believe i have ever seen. Im stoked and my heart is warmed all at the same time. well done sir.

micasue said...

I love you, let's print a bunch of your pics out in 5x7 and make a photo stripe across the house!

DBZ said...

Definitely mailing you some less-gay shirts for your boy the next time I print some.