Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Step the game up.

I got some love from least/most this week, which stoked me the hell out. I think Tim might have popped a little. Then today I got an email from BMX legend Kelly Baker telling me that he read almost my entire if Mr. Baker is down then I feel pretty good.

Skatepark session today! I took a lot of pics, but two I really liked a lot...both of Adam. Even though he's got a girlfriend that is waaaay to into firearms for my liking, I am okay with Mr. Haynes.

Hip table from a different angle. I typically shoot the same angles at the park, so I tried some different stuff today.

Then I busted out the commander mode on the flash. The sky abides.

Kids! Anna and Garrett got their bike on this past Sunday. Check out Anna's grips. This is where my old T1's go to die...

Garrett is still obsessed with Aaron Ross. To the point where he brushed his teeth because I told him Aaron does. Thankfully, Mr Ross confirmed this for me.

Yes sir!


tony said...

congrats on the linkage. solid photos in this post, too.

Stephen said...

Thanks, man! Dolecki better watch his back.