Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't take your guns to town.


Anyways, we had some decent weather at the beginning of the week, so we got started on Monday at Bigfoot. Most of the Knoxville crew will be at Bonaroo for the remainder of the week. As I am over the age of 30 and have access to iTunes, I will stay home and listen to the music.

So, like I said, some riding took place. Pictures!

This is the take off of one of the jumps. Tennessee clay sucks sometimes. To be fair, this is normally used by mountain bikers and they seem to not give a hell.

Adam gets roasty.

Tim flows and probably shouts an obscenity mid-jump.

Adam shot me going around the bend. I liked the picture. Which pains me.

Oh, I also put together a really uninspiring edit, but I am working on it. iMovie is fun.

Dixie's Knoxville Edit. from DixieBMX on Vimeo.


adam said...

That looks like ridiculous fun. Good pictures as usual.

corey m said...

Ya man! I'm so itching to ride! I can't believe it's been almost 2 full weeks.

Gotta figure something out before the weekend... We've got someone staying with us for a few days with no transportation.

Doug said...

Time mark 1:20- I want to do that so badly.