Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I count myself among those who love Futurama.

Would totally smash a cyclops. SMASH. you people doing? Well? I hope so. Things have been hectic at the Dixie Ranch, but we're getting things settled down and rounding into form. School is progressing at a decent clip and a degree is within sight. Just have to get some math outta the way. I hate math.

Took some pictures of actual street riding the other day, which is rare for me because I am old and never really get out and pedal around town much anymore. I should.

Jon Harter is probably one of the best all around riders in Knoxville at this moment. He is angry, a ginger and looks a bit like a primate. These are good things. He iced quite a bit of this ledge...

From Pictures for Blog

Then he 180'd off the ledge over a sidewalk and into the street...

From Pictures for Blog

It wouldn't be me though without a park pic. Adam just sorta learned this junk...

From Pictures for Blog

More later. Go Germany!

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