Saturday, July 17, 2010

B-Roll stuff. Kinda. Or something.

Not much new happening in the world of me. School has been working me silly, but we are in the last week of that for the summer and then I get a little break. I went through some pics and wanted to post up some stuff that didn't make it into posts of a regular nature for some reason or another. There's a pic of me doing a wall ride that Adam took with my camera, there's a couple of pics of Harter the night I finally got my flashes to work decently and some other stuff. Anyways, take a look.








Doug said...

Your shots are great. Individual pieces of art. This is Doug by the way. I was on the black 26" at Bigfoot the other day.

jeff said...
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jeff said...

this is jeff from johnson city. im a fan of this blog and and the fact that you ride a barcode. me and jr henry are creating a blog to rant and rave about bikes and life. soon we will be blog buddies.