Monday, July 12, 2010


I actually did. Rode like, three spots. That is a lot for this dude these days. At the tender age of thirty-five, I don't really go tearing around the city with my camera gear strapped to me. So, the first offering is Jon Harter with a footplant on the Butcher Shop Wall. It totally came out the way that I wanted it to, which is rare.


Next we have Chase at this "under a bridge spot" near the Butcher wall. This was, I think, his sixth tuck no hander down this huge bank, and was the best one. Flashes not firing and late shutter clicks were a bitch, but it was worth it.

Harter riding the curb-stack sub downtown. This spot has been around for a bit, and the last time I rode it I was probably in my twenties. Maybe that is exaggerating. Anyways, we rode it, I screamed a bit and whatever. Stephen+Street=Hockey Temper. Jon liked it.
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jake said...

did you guys fix up the dirt at that wallride. i was there a few weeks back and it was real lumpy and shit

Stephen said...

Nah. It was still lumpy and horrid. Adam ate shit on it pretty bad.

brien said...

that footplant is sick!