Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New bike for Mica and Trails Tuesday...

Mica has been on me to get her a bike for some time now. Every time that I saddle up to go hunting for one, I come back empty handed. Until today. Boom.

Yesterday was Trails Tuesday. As it was my off week as a dad (though really, I am always on call for dad duty, which is way okay with me) I headed up with camera and water in tow. I am not gonna write clever captions for this shit, as English Lit has me on the ropes today, but I wanted to get the pics up. It was hotter than two rats fu@king in a wool sock, btw.



Pics from the 4th in a bit. Garrett liked explosions. He's got a future, that kid. Anna liked shooting me. She's gonna hate Christmas this year.
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jake said...

that bike is so sick