Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting here was harder than it needed to be.

Thanks, trombone player or whatever you were who got yourself kicked off the plane so I could take your spot. I think I was destined to be here.

So, today I met Dave Voelker, Brian Blyther and JPR. It was only Thursday.

Got a look at the Texas Toast course. The Empire Curved Wall Ride looks reasonable...

Clint Reynolds' bike was in attendance!

Tom Dugan took some test runs. I can't even verbalize what the fuck I saw.

Sorry. I was using the shitty on camera flash because I wasn't expecting this roast at all. That's the thing. He essentially did this in the dark.

So much to process. I am gonna go to sleep and try to figure out something tomorrow. Frank, I am coming for you! Mica, I love you!

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