Monday, May 2, 2011

The case for buying Fit tires...

Jon Harter, the Ginger Napoleon Dynamite, can hop. He drank from the same spring that Bobby Fisher did at some time or another. That said, I think even he shocked himself with this one. I have only seen one other do this, and that was Alex Magallan. I have heard that others had, and I even said that I had seen lesser folk do it to help push Harter over the edge. But in truth, the Scout was the only other I witnessed...until this moment on a really warm spring day. He even got a grind out of it. Those are brand new Fit FAF tires on there that he got at Angry Penguin earlier that day. I think they helped.

When I open the back of my truck, a swap meet breaks out.

This here...this got people fired up. Game changer. No shit. Thank you to my British liaison Anthony Scott for sending it over.

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