Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hair of the Dog...

So this is the 4th video by the Innocent Bystander crew, and to be honest, I never watched the first three. No real reason why, I just never did. But I watched this. Several times. Austin Phillips is blunt force trauma on a bike. He is brutal and harsh and awesome to watch and behold. It seems like he would need to actually take breaks from riding to allow his form to heal so he is ready for the next thing that he wants to assail. I do not know if this is actually the truth, but I choose to believe it.

The music in this thing falls within my circle of interest. And with the song that plays for Jake Hunter, all I could think about was how mellow the track was vs. the frenetic pace with which Jake rides. It probably should have caused some cognitive dissonance, but it didn't.

There aren't "bangers" in this. Rider's parts don't end with dead man shit. Instead, it is more of a "done riding, let's get that beer" feel. Very down with that.

Also, as Wheelie Nelson from BMXBoard points out, footplants need to be done more.

Watch it for free or go buy it for sure.


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