Thursday, April 5, 2012

A scanner dorkly.

So I worked on scanning negatives in, but the dust...oh god the dust. I had been sitting around trying to figure it out, and then realized (stupidly) that I could just scan the prints. Let's try that.

Michael Tetro. A man so skinny that the UN sends food aid to his house.

This was taken with Lomography film on my old Nikon 35mm that I got for 12 bucks off of KEH.

These were shot on some Fuji Provia (I think. I threw the box away. NOTES. TAKE NOTES ASSHOLE) Also of Tetro.

And this is Chase Hawk. I posted the scan of the negative earlier, but this is the print. What do you think? I promise I am not doing a dismissive wanking motion right now.

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