Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The UM is right.

Go upside down, people notice. Some rad dudes from Asheville came into town on Sunday and got radical at our park. It should have initiated some sort of turf war, but I left my Dagger jacket at home. No skateboard-ditch-jousting today. We just talked to one another and had a fun session. Then we burned their fucking ramp down. That's how it goes in the valley, brah.

Take these broken wings...

Dave Williams grabs his bike in various ways. Two examples:

More nutty goodness from Matt Green. We're facebook friends now, so I assume I can just call him Matty. Or Matts. MAAAAAATTTTSSSSS.

I feel like a dick because I forgot this guy's name. I was gonna just say "Matt's friend" but I think his name is Nate. That feels right. I should get a Moleskin and write this shit down, but I'd feel so pretentious whipping that thing out and being all, "hang on, lemme write this down in my MOLESKIN." Then again, maybe it's better to feel pretentious rather than feel like a forgetful asshole. Anyways, he got upside down several times and did not mind helping me get what felt like the right shot.

In retrospect, this could have been called the "a bunch of shots on the wall of the big side of the spine blog update". Time to get out more.

I'll have some pictures up at Java in the Old City at the beginning of next month. Come by and see them. More importantly, come by and get some delicious coffee and baked goods.

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jeff said...

Matt green is the truth!