Thursday, December 13, 2012

An unexpected day off.

My son has had the flu for the past three days. This morning, I had figured that he would be well enough to go to school, but as it goes, he had a 100.2 temp, so I called my mom to see if she could watch him. She has the flu. Welp. A quick call to the boss to let him know that I am burning a vacation day and here I am, back at the pile of photos from the trip. Instead of writing out this meandering story of things, I thought it might work to take the "lazy writer's way out" and just list some observations...

-Four dudes, four bikes, and four dude's gear inside of a VW for 10 hours? Not the easiest. We made it work thanks to Yoshi and Instagram.

-Redbull Dave is 50 years old. I am out of excuses.

-Crandall is a bully.

-I had never met nor interacted with Johnny Del Balso. Dude is sweet and is a ripper.

-Brien's tile floor sucks.

-Phil talks like a white guy imitating a black guy doing an impression of a white guy.

-Florida is somewhat depressing.

-It is amazing/frightening how quickly the things we keep in our homes go up in flames.

-Ladies love the beard.

-Swimming in a natural spring, outside, in the month of December rules.

-Trey Jones is better on a bike than people realize.

-Dane Wild wears a Red Line shirt on purpose. Also I think he actually desires to be old.

-Tyler's little brother lives in a bad part of town. How bad? The burning bodies of two kids were found on a bike trail near his apartment.

-Kyle Iwanicki was the only member of "getlaidboyz", as well as the only person to lose to me on both arms while arm wrestling.

-I hate sleeping on the ground.


-Mike Cottle has angry fun.

-I need a new front hub.


Tabletorp from BKFBM.

Trey Jones leaving jaws agape.

Dabozzle at Maitland tranny banks.

Typoll/Jerry Reed at the same place.

When we got there, Del Balso said, "I wanna see Mickey Marshall ride these." YOU HAVE TWO WISHES LEFT, BRO.

Kyle I still pissin'...

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