Friday, December 19, 2014

A Flashback Friday of sorts

Back in January, almost a year ago, I fell. At Ray's Bike Park in Cleveland, OH, we were gonna go get something to eat. I uttered the words I never, ever should have spoken..."One more run." I wanted one more go in the Rhythm Room, and so I dropped in, over shot the first jump a little which killed my speed and I tried to muscle it over the next one. I didn't have enough and I felt the lawn dart coming, so I tried to eject. I went straight to my right shoulder, shearing the AC joint from the clavicle (my doctor would relate that I basically ripped my arm off of my body) and was face down on the ground while I tried to figure out what to do. Shoulder surgery ain't nothing to fuck with, and it was a pretty gnarly road from being cut on in February to being able to pedal a bike in May, but I pushed hard to get there.


That was my arrival in the driveway after my first pedal around the block. That was happiness. I cannot overstate how happy BMX has made me, despite the pain it has inflicted upon my body. Two ACL replacements, multiple broken toes, a cracked rib, 4 concussions, and then the shoulder...hoo child. But I love it because...I dunno. It's just a blast to ride a bike and hear that cassette hub clicking. Except for that Profile Elite...that's too much. Shew. Wee.

Here for a good time. Not a long time.

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